* Please note that this list may combine current and previous school year staff until the first or second week of September. If clarification is required please contact the school.
Guy Mathieu Principal
De-Anne Szwed Secretary
Catherine Dominelli-Hayden Grade 1
Sara Lotter Grade 2
Stefanie Mailloux Grade 3 & 4
Brigitte Wissell Grade 4 & 5
Sherry Bradley Grade 5 & 6
Sherry Bradley Grade 6
Valerie Merotto Core French
Rosanna Leduc Early Child Educator
Valerie Vincent Early Child Educator
Tracey Marcil Full Day Kindergarten
Shelley Turner Prep Time
Shannon Duguay Resource
Silvana Paradis Resource
Tammy Rychlo Unassigned
Monique Martin Grade 1 & 2
Karole Lariviere Grade 3 & 4
Lucette Parent-Mundy Grade 5 & 6
Chantal Rancourt Grade 5 & 6
Josee Diotte FCI
Valerie Merotto FCI-JR
Celine Lafond Full Day Kindergarten
Lisa-Lynn Hunter Educational Assistant
Moira Swiatek Educational Assistant
Ronald Martin Custodian
Paolo Calvano Cleaner
Lilianne Gervais Cleaner
Dianne Brunelle Lunch Room Supervisor
Elizabeth Larochelle Lunch Room Supervisor
Denise Mcchesney Lunch Room Supervisor
Elia Myre Lunch Room Supervisor
Sarah Edmunds Lunch Room Supply
Cindy O'Neil Lunch Room Supply

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